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 We made this movie because we realized how many people have no idea about homeless youth. 

By sharing the film with your friends and family, we can ensure that the message reaches as many people as possible.


Film and media have the power to change the world and together, our voice is louder and our impact can be more significant.  

Raising awareness is the first step in creating change and social media is the fastest way to make that happen.


  • Follow American Street Kid on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

  • Re-post the pics and videos and tag @AmericanStreetKid

  • Join the online campaigns below.

Youth homelessness is NOT just a big city problem. Kids are homeless all across the United States and there are amazing organizations dedicated to helping them.

Go to our RESOURCES page and find an organization near you:

  • Make a donation

  • Volunteer your time

  • Start your own clothing or food drive

American Street Kid is dedicated to partnering with organizations and businesses around the country.  Together, we can advocate, uplift, and change the lives of homeless youth.


Go to our PARTNER page to learn more.


Show your support for homeless youth!

Grab a piece of cardboard and make a sign like the one below. Be creative ~ make it your own ~ and post to social media!


Don't forget to tag us @americanstreetkid and use the hashtags #ICare #homelessyouth #documentary #americanstreetkid #ask


After you watch the movie, shoot a video of your honest reaction.  Tell us how it made you feel and some things you learned from watching the film.  and post to social media.

Don't forget to tag us @americanstreetkid and use the hashtags #ICare #homelessyouth #documentary #americanstreetkid #ask


CJ Valleroy   - Actor

Pauley Perrette (Actress - Activist)

Twitter @pauleyp



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